Born in Connecticut, Tabitha Marie Long, better known on stage as Ms. Tabu, is a well-rounded writer and performance poet, writing her first poem at the young age of ten. She then discovered a new gift for rhythm and lyricism at thirteen and has been songwriting ever since. Not to mention her theatrical roots that stem from early childhood and have grown around her wordplay and envelop her artistic demeanor on stage.


For the audience, witnessing the real life inspired acts of Ms. Tabu can be like watching a clip from a dramatically enchanting play. In some of her writings, she focuses on interracial issues with pieces such as "I’m Not Worth Your Stereotypes," as she passionately promotes diversity through her nicely seasoned delivery of words. Both in and out of her artistry, Ms. Tabu is a humanitarian who advocates for social justice and equal rights. From her viewpoint, it is through her honesty and courageousness that others can be reached.


Extremely versatile, she also writes of many other subjects, such as ones pertaining to love, spirituality, and family. She takes lovers of her craft into her world to share her heart with them. Her work echoes of a soul being delivered from personal struggles, as she heals through each page of her life. She is both hip-hop and soulful with a touch of a woman's manifesto and a Free Verse style that lets her navigate from poetry to prose, making her a phenomenal performer. 


Ms. Tabu has been featured at countless events and venues, mainly between Connecticut and New York City. On September 23rd 2010, Ms. Tabu successfully presented the grand debut of her show, "MIC2SOUL," which showcased new artists on a monthly basis.


A woman of many goals, Ms. Tabu is currently in the process of writing new content for A Voyage to Love, what will be the third book of the “Love Passages” series. She also has plans to record several Spoken Word albums based on the material in her books.


It would be easy for someone to assume that a person so artistically equipped would lack humility, but Ms. Tabu humbly perceives herself as a vessel with a purpose to deliver messages through her craft. She is on a God-given mission not only to give voice to the voiceless, but to instill healing and growth in people through relating experiences.