The much-anticipated collection of poetry written by well-respected performance poet, Ms. Tabu, is finally here. In this book, the poet highlights some of the most personal, monumental revelations in her life that ultimately led to her own salvation. With the inclusion of poems written as early as her teen years, such as "My Brown-Skinned Brother," she truly invites readers to see life as it was through her eyes. Cross Points: The Poetic Diary of Ms. Tabu, will take poetry devotees on a memorable and inspiring journey through the many changes and adversities she overcame to transform into the spiritually grounded woman she is today. Told in the form of a poetic diary, Ms. Tabu challenges readers to take a closer, more honest look at the hardships a person experiences in order to reach his or her destined path.


What girl doesn’t like getting all dolled up when her heart is in ruins? But somewhere in between the many episodes of runny mascara and manicures while pouring out her broken heart in poetry and prose, she must find the courage to leave old love behind. Will there still be heartache to endure when she finally turns in the girlfriend card to make way for real love and marriage? Is she able to learn the ways of forgiveness and reconciliation necessary to sustain a lifelong relationship with her true love? How will the lessons learned in those past relationships better equip her for the real thing? Find out in Hot Pink Nail Polish and a Broken Heart, the first of the “Love Passages” series! 



Travel the hidden pathways through the tender-most parts of a woman’s heart as she embarks on a journey in search of everlasting love. This second book of the “Love Passages” series promises to awaken the senses of even the least experienced passion-seekers while more seasoned lovers will find themselves having many soul-quenching “Aha!” moments. Couples will delight in using this book to create intimate dialogue through each sacred revelation of love inked.



A Poetic Love Series

As always, Ms. Tabu is raising the bar for Spoken Word with an upcoming series, "LOVE PASSAGES", expected to launch in 2020. Ms. Tabu will start off the series with two books, Hot Pink Nail Polish and a Broken Heart and Inkwells of Love. For those who have inquired if there will be more to come, word has it that she is already writing content for the third book of this ongoing series. 

All books within this series will be available in Paperback, Nook, and Kindle editions. 

These titles will be sold on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 

Details regarding a book release party will soon be posted.